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Glazed kitchen cabinets

Do you use the save photo feature here on @instagram? It’s my favorite. It’s better than Pinterest 😁 in my opinion. Anyway, I saved this photo from @lifeatstarkeyranch, a new to me account. I love the ceiling. I’ve been wanting to do a wood feature ceiling in our kitchen breakfast area. I’ll add it to the list after we finished all the other things going on 😂. Slide to the second photo to see what we’re living in. 🤦🏼‍♀️ On a positive note, we came to the conclusion we can’t do drywall. …

Your One Year-Old’s Development

The first birthday is always exciting to celebrate. If you’re a new parent, this event always lingers in your mind and you just probably can’t wait to invite your families and friends to have fun in the extraordinary occasion.

Day after day, you’ve seen them growing bigger and smarter. Each time they’re able to reach the next developmental stage, you and your spouse are indulged in great happiness.

One of the most cheering moments about this is when you see them make their first steps alone. You’ll get into the unspoken emotion just like other parents do.

However, some of you perhaps haven’t been going through this feeling as your one year-old baby isn’t able to walk yet. Actually, you shouldn’t be worried about this. Each child is unique and has a different development from the others.

Then, what things babies can do when they reach their first year of life? Generally, here they are:

1. Take their first steps alone – Once you see them walking, you’ll be surprised on how far they can walk without your hand on theirs guiding. Sometimes they tiptoe, and it’s exactly a funny and incredible thing you shouldn’t miss out. Get a camera to capture the moment!

2. Say ‘mama’, ‘papa’, ‘dada’ – Encourage your babies to talk by always talking, too. Most babies can say the three words mentioned when they’re one year-old, even though they probably don’t understand the meaning of them yet.

3. Understand simple instructions – It’s exciting to see your babies understand what you want them to do. When you say ‘bye-bye’, they will abruptly move their hands and make the bye-bye gesture. Or, when you tell them to look at you or your spouse, for example ‘where’s Daddy?’, they’ll move their head and look into their daddy’s eyes. Of course you need to stimulate them over and over to make them recognize which one is which.

4. Point at things they’re interested in – Your babies will point at objects they’re fond of. They’ll also say ‘ooh’ while pointing, making the ‘target’ precise.

5. Move their hands and body rhythmically to a music played – Some babies begin to ‘dance’ between the ages of 7-10 months-old. Whenever they listen to music, especially the one that they love, you’ll grin as you see their hands and body flourishing along the tune.

If your babies don’t do the things above, again, no need to worry. They’ll reach the stage in several weeks or months. Develop the bonds of love between the two of you.

Enjoy the moments you all have together with the kids. Happy first birthday to your babies!

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